Cultivating a Christ-centered community of grace

Guillermo is a teacher at Belen. Through this Christian school in Los Guaricanos, Dominican Republic, Guillermo is able to share the Gospel with students who most likely know very little about God.

He is key in empowering the students of this community to become strong, Christian leaders. You can read his full story below.

Guillermo’s favorite part of teaching is discovering how holistic living as a Christian is, and then teaching how to view the world through the eyes of faith. It is amazing when Bible is not just another class in school, but when its good news encompasses all subjects and conversations – even science can be an opportunity to learn more about God!

Guillermo first taught at a grade 3 class in a school called Los Guandules in a poor community in the Dominican Republic. The school grew with the students, each year adding on another class to today where they offer classes from preschool to grade 11. When Guillermo became the principal, he ensured that all classes were taught through a biblical worldview, and he has seen a great change in the passion of the teaching staff and in the enthusiasm of the students’ learning. The whole community is being impacted by the purpose-driven vision of a Biblical worldview.

Now Guillermo is a facilitator working at COCREF, where he monthly teaches teachers and principals at many COCREF schools throughout the DR how to incorporate a Biblical worldview into their school.

He loves cultivating a Christ-centered community of grace in a teaching staff. The teachers accept each other as they are, each one celebrating the gifts of the other. They encourage one another, laugh together, and pray together. By learning to live as a community, the staff that Guillermo mentors return to their schools to demonstrate this fellowship to their students. The students see what a Christian community can be and learn about God in their subjects, so that one day when they become leaders in their community, they too will likely follow this example!

Guillermo prays daily that God may be evident in all of the subjects taught in COCREF schools and that the good news will transform the lives of the teachers, students, and beyond. He envisions a nation living, laughing, and learning all for the glory of God.